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Our Featured Book on Social Media
Doggone Magic! (Go Away, Unicorn #2)
Emily Mullock
Hardcover | Oct 2020
in store $13.99
First Colouring Zoo Animals
Kirsteen Robson
Paperback | Mar 2021
in store $7.95
The Dog Who Lost His Bark
Eoin Colfer
Paperback | Mar 2021
in store $9.50
Sam Heughan
Hardcover | Nov 2020
in store $32.49
John Thompson
Peter Sanger
Paperback | Nov 1995
in store $24.95
Waking Ground
shalan joudry
Paperback | Oct 2020
in store $19.95
My Conversations With Canadians
Lee Maracle
Paperback | Sep 2017
in store $20.00
The Little Ghost Who Was a Quilt
Riel Nason
Hardcover | Sep 2020
in store $22.99
Brighten the Corner Where You Are
Carol Bruneau
Paperback | Sep 2020
in store $24.95
The Copycat
Wendy McLeod MacKnight
Paperback | Mar 2021
in store $9.99
Christiane Vadnais
Paperback | Sep 2020
in store $20.95
Butter Honey Pig Bread
Francesca Ekwuyasi
Paperback | Sep 2020
in store $23.95
Salma the Syrian Chef
Danny Ramadan
Hardcover | Mar 2020
in store $21.95
The Night Piece
Andre Alexis
Hardcover | Oct 2020
in store $34.95
How to Pronounce Knife
Souvankham Thammavongsa
Paperback | Apr 2020
in store $24.95
My Art Is Killing Me and Other Poems
Amber Dawn
Paperback | Feb 2020
in store $17.95
The Dyzgraphxst
Canisia Lubrin
Paperback | Mar 2020
in store $21.00
Polar Vortex
Shani Mootoo
Paperback | Mar 2020
in store $23.00
Return of the Trickster
Eden Robinson
Hardcover | Mar 2021
in store $32.00
Ten Canadian Writers in Context
Marie Carriere
Paperback | Jun 2016
in store $24.95
STET! Dreyer's English
Benjamin Dreyer
Game | Jul 2020
in store $25.99
Puppy in My Head
Elise Gravel
Hardcover | Jan 2021
in store $21.99
Canadian Women Now and Then
Elizabeth MacLeod
Hardcover | Apr 2020
in store $19.99
The Dr. Seuss Beginner Fun Activity Book
Dr Seuss
Paperback | Aug 2020
in store $17.99
Margin of Interest
Shane Neilson
Paperback | Aug 2019
in store $22.95
The Last Loose Tooth
Tyler Clark Burke
Hardcover | Sep 2020
in store $23.99
If It Fits, I Sits
Paperback | Feb 2020
in store $17.99
Are We Done Fighting?
Matthew Legge
Paperback | May 2019
in store $24.99
Cultivating Writers
Anne Elliott
Paperback | Sep 2020
in store $24.95
The Dragon Thief
Zetta Elliott
Paperback | Jan 2021
in store $9.50
Build It Blueprint - Dog House
Fat Brain Toys
in store $25.99
Saga Boy
Antonio Michael Downing
Paperback | Jan 2021
in store $26.95
My Hair is Beautiful
Shauntay Grant
Boardbook | Oct 2019
in store $9.95
I Love Being Me!
Mechal Renee Roe
Paperback | Dec 2020
in store $6.99
Carson Crosses Canada
Linda Bailey
Paperback | May 2020
in store $12.99
Amazing Black Atlantic Canadians
Lindsay Ruck
Paperback | Jan 2021
in store $19.95
Through the Garden
Lorna Crozier
Hardcover | Sep 2020
in store $29.95
Love You Forever
Robert Munsch
Hardcover | Sep 1995
in store $14.95
Love You Head to Toe
Ashley Barron
Boardbook | Mar 2020
in store $11.95
All Because You Matter
Tami Charles
Hardcover | Oct 2020
in store $23.99

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