Pre-Order your copy of TINTAMARRE! by former Sackvillean Brian Lloyd French


 In 1750 the road to Quebec leads through a small Acadian settlement called Tintamarre. 
Mathilde and Acquila Girouard are raising their family in a pastoral paradise. Then the English come. Mati and ‘Quila should be at the mercy of the English Empire. They’re being pushed around by pestilent priests and pursued by violent rangers that keep count of their victims with scalps. 
And when Mati and the children are captured by the English for expulsion far away from home, all appears to be lost. But Acquila and the Acadian resistance will not let the English do them any more harm. 
“TINTAMARRE!” is a story of how ordinary people in a merciless land endure and defy inhumane attempts to extinguish them.

Special Book Launch at Tidewater Books by August 15th, 2014

Author Event with Paul Bowdring and Marilyn Lerch


The next Attic Owl reading will take place on May 16, 7 – 9 pm at Cafe Aberdeen.  We have two authors and one musician.

Paul Bowdring is the Winterset Award winning author of The Strangers’ Gallery, as well as two previous novels, The Night Season and The Roncesvalles Pass. Paul is from St. John’s, NL and his reading is brought to you by the Writers’ Union of Canada.

We are also bringing back Sackville poet laureate Marilyn Lerch, who has recently launched a new collection, The Physics of Allowable Sway. Marilyn is the author of three previous collections.

And our music will be provided New Horton’s Nina Khosla, who you may know from Lovestorm and The Great Balancing Act. Nina will be introducing new songs and a new approach.

As usual, there is no cover charge, the cafe is open for business and is fully licensed. Come one, come all!

Spring Sale on Melissa & Doug toys


It’s finally spring, and time for some fun for the kids. All Melissa & Doug toys and art supplies are on sale: Buy 2 items at regular price and choose a 3rd item for free (lowest price, of course). We’ve got a great selection of new and favourite items!

Thankful- from a truly wonderful customer


Ellen; (Heather and staff)
I was listening to a few comments on CBC, (your partner in subtle coercion),
they spoke of a host of Independent Book Sellers closing their doors lately
due to technology and Corporate Parasites like Indigo and Amazon….this provoked a fresh thankfulness for you.
I have filled sketch books with charcoal drawings from your store,
I have filled books of poetry, paper and pens from your store,
I have felt like Robin Hood, stealing ISBN numbers from Chapters and ordering the books through you.

At Tidewater, not only am I recognized, staff inquire about my wife, children, grandchildren and my chickens….
even to what fresh greens we have growing in our light garden. (Tell Nancy, we have two living tomatoes ripening on the vine as I write.)
It is an honour to support your business, I am thankful for your interest and untiring work tracking some of those rare titles for me
and for the character you bring to Bridge Street and our town.
I enjoy sharing my books where possible with Max and Oliver, grooming your next generation of readers.
You, Heather and staff contribute such a unique and sweet splash to my town.
I am thankful for this, I am thankful for you.
After this last storm, bask in a little appreciation.

The old curmudgeon of Fatcity,

Author Event with Douglas Gibson


Join us as Munro’s long-time editor, Douglas Gibson, shares his stories and insights about Canada’s only Nobel Prize-winning author. Munro no longer makes public appearances, not even at the Nobel Prize ceremony, but the Festival brings you the next best thing. 

As a follow-up to his successful show entitled Stories About Storytellers (and book of the same title), which was presented at least 70 times throughout Canada, Douglas Gibson returns to Atlantic Canada with a show that shines an intimate light onto one of Canada’s most beloved writers. Starting with a brief overview of Munro’s career up to the point where, in 1976, their paths crossed, Gibson goes on to trace Munro’s progress book by book up to the Nobel Prize ceremony in Stockholm, Sweden in December 2013.

Join us at 7pm on Friday, March 7th at the Aberdeen Cultural Center, Moncton.  gibson

Book launch: Joseph Koot's "Looking For Bill, Finding Myself"


J Koot article

Book Launch today!  Please join us Thursday, Feb 20th from 6:30-8 pm at the Dorchester Public Library for the launch of Joseph Koot’s memoir “Looking For Bill, Finding Myself”. 

Joseph’s childhood took him from a cheese farm in Holland to Ontario, where a tragic farming accident claimed his brother’s life.  Years later, he found healing in hiking in Europe.

Everyone is welcome.

2nd printing of "Sackville Then and Now"


sck then nowThe very popular Tantramar Heritage Trust publication, “Sackville Then and Now”, has arrived back in-store with it’s 2nd printing.  Don’t miss out on your copy!

Last week of our January sale!


It’s the last week of our January sale, and we’ve deepened the discounts!

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January Clearance Sale


It’s time to make room for new stock.  Please enjoy these January sales:

20% off Melissa & Doug toys and art supplies

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Salon, New Brunswick’s home for fine art and culture in the Telegraph-Journal, is seeking submissions for its 2nd annual Reader’s Choice feature. 

To run in the Dec. 28 issue of Salon, Reader’s Choice turns the weekly Books page over to you. Salon wants to know: What was the best book you read in the past year? Unlike traditional year-end best book lists, you may pick any book, any genre, from anywhere in the world and from any point in history. For example, if Salon editor Mike Landry could include his favourite from 2013, it would be The Three Musketeers by Alexandre Dumas. 
Share the book you most enjoyed reading in 2013 along with a short, 125-word-max review telling other readers what it was that made that book stand out among the rest. Be sure to include your name and where you live. 
The deadline to submit your review is 9 a.m. Wednesday Dec. 18. 
Submission for Reader’s Choice should be sent to with the subject line Reader’s Choice 2013.