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Hardcover Fiction

  1. A Memory of Light (Robert Jordan & Brandon Sanderson)
  2. Speaking From Among the Bones (Alan Bradley)
  3. Tenth of December: Stories (George Saunders)
  4. 419 (Will Ferguson)
  5. Flight Behaviour (Barbara Kingsolver)

Paperback Fiction:

  1. February (Lisa Moore)
  2. American Gods (Neil Gaiman)
  3. The Child's Child (Barbara Vine)
  4. The One I Left Behind (Jennifer McMahon)
  5. In One Person (John Irving)

Tantramar Vistas; Book and CD-ROM

By Christopher Mackay and Choleena DiTullio; Forward by Dan Steeves.

360-degree photographs of the Tantramar region of New Brunswick, Canada. Includes cross platform CD-ROM with 18 bonus images.

These photographs are unusual in that they present a full 360 degree horizontal field of view. You literally have eyes on the back of your head – things in front of you look as though they are next to things that are behind you. These extrordinary images are achieved through a digital stitching process which blends a series of photographs together into a single, seamless cylinder. When sliced and unwrapped the cylinder becomes a very long rectangle.