Serpent Bride by: Krista Johansen

Trade Paper | 187 pages | ISBN:1895449820
Year Published:1998 – Thistledown Press | Tidewater Price:$14.95

There is truly a wealth of literary talent in Sackville and the surrounding Tantramar area. Novelists, essayists and poets- this region abounds with the published works of exceptional writers. K.V. Johansen now joins these ranks. Last year saw the publication of her first novel for young readers, Torrie and the Dragon . A delightful tale of a prince whose kingdom is threatened by a dragon, and the sorceress who saves the day and wins his heart, this story was a hit with children of all ages. Now K.V. Johansen brings us her first adult publication, The Serpent Bride, a collection of short stories derived from medieval Danish ballads. Composed from the twelfth to the fourteenth centuries, these Scandinavian ballads owe much to the mythology of the pagan Norse, though they range from the pre-Christian era through the time of the Vikings, to the Crusades and High Middle Ages. Often romantic in nature, the subject matter ranges from the historical to the religious. K.V. Johansen evokes the lifestyle and emotions of this bygone era, coupled with a haunting sense of magic. Tragedy and triumph, good versus evil, witchcraft and transformation, knights and dragons are just some of the themes of this remarkable collection.